Henry Estate Winery vineyards
With more than 30 years and five generations of wine-growing history behind them, the Scott Henry family is widely known for its deep commitment to the viticultural management of its Umpqua Valley farmlands and the production of fine, hand-crafted wines from the many grapes varietals grown by Henry Estate. The Scott Henry family has earned the respect of other Oregon wine industry pioneers, as well as a loyal following of customers and a wide variety of awards and praise from wine tastings and festivals worldwide. It is one of Oregon’s oldest and most prestigious producers of premium wines.

Henry Estate Winery releases its wines two years later than most wineries, ensuring the proper balance and character. The winery also cellars its wines each year, bringing them back out at winemaker dinners and select events, giving consumers the opportunity to experience vintage differentiation.

In its meager beginnings in 1978, Henry Estate produced only 2,000 gallons of wine. Today, full production is 18,000 cases, 75 percent of which is handcrafted from estate-grown grapes.